ZiFi Features

Experience the power of ZiFi here to improve the trading experience on DRC-20. ZiFI aims to build the first liquidity protocol on DRC-20 enabling frictionless swap from DOGE to drc20 assets.

ZiFi Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1 Billion
Chain: DogeChain (DRC-20)

Our Ecosystem

Step into the dynamic world of ZiFi, an all-in-one ecosystem, delivering a suite of innovative utilities and applications.

Zifi Vault - The Investment Vault for ZifI holders.

Unleash your profit potential within the exclusive ZiFi Vault. This decentralized investment platform offers a multitude of lucrative opportunities, including governance participation, staking, farming, lending, and more. Harness the power of smart contracts as you optimize your investment strategies.

ZiFi Analytics Dashboard

Empower yourself with real-time, on-chain data through the ZiFi Analytics Dashboard. Dive deep into crucial metrics, such as total supply, circulating supply, burnt tokens, and buyback balance. Armed with invaluable insights, you'll make informed investment decisions that pave the way to financial success.

Zifi Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace

Immerse yourself in the revolutionary ZiFi Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace. Seamlessly mint, buy, and sell NFTs, and witness your creative vision come to life. With multi-chain support, exclusive discounts for ZiFi holders, and revenue-sharing opportunities, this marketplace is your gateway to unlock new realms of digital art and profitability.

General Roadmap

Embark on the ZiFi journey with key milestones such as website creation, comprehensive marketing and community building strategies, token sale marketing, engaging AMA sessions, influential press releases, social media collaborations with Twitter Influencers, captivating TikTok campaigns, and targeted Reddit marketing. As we launch, brace yourself for the $10,000 Biggest Buy Competition that will capture the attention of the crypto sphere.

Witness the transformation of ZiFi as we secure listings on reputable exchanges, implement liquidity locks on Unicrypt, obtain Certik Audit certification, execute viral marketing campaigns to elevate our visibility, conduct daily buyback and burn operations, release the game-changing ZiFi Vault, unveil the highly-anticipated ZiFi Dashboard, foster community growth through engaging events, establish strategic partnerships, and advance the development of the NFT Marketplace backend.

Embrace the future with the release of the Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace, forging partnerships with major cryptocurrency firms to expand our reach, enlisting a dedicated marketing agency to spearhead our social media presence, bolstering our team through strategic talent acquisition, and sharing our extended roadmap that unveils a world of limitless possibilities.
Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency. Together, we will shape the future of finance with ZiFi.